What a week!!!!

What a week!!!!

"What could be more relaxing than a career as a watercolour painter in a small village in rural England ?" I hear you cry, and yes you are right compared to many people I have a very lovely life , no boss breathing down my neck, no life or death decisions to make and no gruelling manual labour to contend with. Just me , my brushes , paints, and my cat, heaven. 



But this week, I have had a particularly busy and stressful week , firstly I have had to get my two paintings ready to go to London, ( now admittedly I don't have to take them myself) I use an art courier. When does he want me to drop them off ? 7.15 on Tuesday morning at Exeter services!!!! and so after fretting if I have labelled them correctly, packed them safely. I then spend a sleepless night imagining I won't be up in time , when in reality I am wide awake at 5am and could probably have got them to London and been back in time for breakfast! 



Next I have a very large commission to send to France.....oh my goodness the stress of finding the right box. I have to make a suitable package out of 2 boxes and tape them together, then reinforce the sides with extra cardboard. Then I carefully and loosely roll the painting, forgetting first to sign it! Unroll the painting sign it and repeat the rolling and wrapping. Then fill box with bubble wrap, tissue paper, more tape and ask my husband what he thinks. We add more tape and then I have to carry said huge package to the post office , luckily they know me and are very helpful, but I send it on it's way, with everything crossed. 




Next I have to get 20 or so paintings framed and ready to go to Arundell Arms next week for their art week. I was thrilled when they asked me to be involved and have been carefully selecting pieces and thinking about which will work well with the countryside theme etc.I somehow imagined it was at the end of May and I had lots of time so but to my horror  I got a an email saying the preview was next week. I had the date for ages but had somehow pushed the date forward. Frames needed to be found, bought sorted. Paintings had to be finalised, the front room looked like a cross between Blue Peter and a bad day at Santa's workshop. I kept losing the sellotape, scissors, pen I use to sign work etc etc.After a long day they were finally ready and the phone rings....



"Rachel you will be able to have some cards and bits ready for our craft fair on Saturday , remember we talked about it a few weeks ago?" " Yes that's fine " I say through gritted teeth.



So I get another box out and I put together a selection of my cards and prints and take them to my local church, they are such nice people up there and my local community is a wonderful one. It is always good to connect with them. They have an arty, coffee morning type thing 3 times a year, so why did it have to be this week!!!!


So this week has been unusually stressy , I am hoping next week with my trip to London and the art week preview it will be much more relaxing . I imagined the hardest thing I would be doing was  working out which subject to paint next in my watercolour alphabet  Then I realise tomorrow is J.....HELP!


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  • Pat

    Oh, my! What a busy, stressful week! I often make silly mistakes during such a commotion of things needing to be done in a short time-line. Sounds as though you found your mistakes, fixed them, and got everything out on time. You deserve a break in the sunshine today!

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