Women of a certain age!

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A new beach painting inspired by by summer poem of the same name


Women of a certain age



We run down to the beach in our brightest ,loudest gear

We are women of a certain age , and you should know we’re here

Our friendship means so much to us, we have done a lot of stuff

We’ve been mums, and wife’s and workers , sometimes it was rough

Our bodies have been altered by the ravishes of time

Sometimes when I look down, I’m not  even sure it’s mine!

Hot flushes and  forgetfulness, and even thinning hair

There are times when life can get too much, bystanders beware!

But we celebrate our bingo wings, our stretch marks ,the extra pounds

They’re signs that we have lived, and loved ,survived the battlegrounds

We are warriors with cellulite , we wobble, but we’re strong

We are women of a certain age and our struggle is lifelong!

Rachel Toll

21cm x 30cm