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Hi everyone so this is my first blog post on my new website. I am so pleased you have taken the time to look at what I do.

I am a self taught artist who paints from a small cob cottage in a village nestled in the lanes and rolling hills of Mid Devon.  I  painted for many years without showing anyone except very close family and friends. But around 4 years ago I tentatively showed my art to some work colleagues, they were very complimentary and one even asked if she could buy a painting! A seed was sown. So I hope you enjoy seeing what I paint and where my painting will lead me  ........


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I came across your work on Flip Board and am really taken with your work.
Especially the Foxes and the Hedgehogs. But I had to share your Poppies on my
Facebook page to show off your work. Love it.

Charles Fikes

Looks fab. Great to hear a bit more about you and I also enjoyed your step by step guide to painting. Would love to see some more of those.

Deb A

Great new website Rachel! I am wondering if it is too soon to persuade Him Indoors to buy my birthday present. Probably! Not until August!

Sue G

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