Painting is what I do now...

Painting is what I do now...

I sometimes feel a bit guilty being able to do what I do for a living. I sit in my studio (otherwise known as the spare room) listening to radio 4 ,trying to get down with watercolours what I can see in my minds eye. I get so lost in the process, the art of watercolour. How it magically paints itself, how a little more water or more pigment creates fascinating patterns on the paper. How colours placed in a certain way can become something almost alive.The satisfaction that I ( after many years of practice ) can sometimes get it right!

I have never been to art school even failed my art 'o' level and thought I couldn't paint. I became a nurse and worked alongside amazing people with learning difficulties for 20 years and kept my watercolours to myself. But art was in me , and I have found a way to express myself . I have never been happier, so I shall get rid of the guilty feeling turn on the radio and paint some more , happy days .


  • Michelle Howard

    Just came across your blog by chance. And so glad I did. I absolutely love your work. And a big thank you for these mini tutorials. They inspire me to carry on painting.

  • Nancy

    It’s amazing you have never been to art school! Such a wonderful talent! I love all your paintings, but I have a special “thing” for owls, and you do them beautifully. Thank you for sharing and happy painting! Never feel guilty for doing something you love for your “work”!

  • karina moon

    Love the new Blog Rachel, water colour is my favourite too I love rough paper as it give great texture ,

  • Heather

    Inspiring! Happiness is my goal :)

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