Painting gets addictive

Painting gets addictive

I so enjoy the process of painting, the craft of putting paint to paper and something tangible appears. For many years what I saw in my head didn't work out at all. But slowly the longer I practiced the better the results. I used to crop images and just keep the parts that pleased me, sometimes I had a very small painting left at the end! 

But when it does come out how you'd like it's a good feeling, a kind of high, and that's why I paint the next day and the next day. I want my painting to get better, and I want to do it as well as I can . I want that good feeling of getting it right again.

And there is always something that I want to change to go back to and try again. Every painting weather it goes well or not teaches me something so it is never time wasted. 

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So many important lessons in this post Rachel. I adore your work, it glows with life and energy, and all your practice shows this. A bit like practising the same piece over and over on the piano, it gets there. Please, keep painting, and keep inspiring!

Jane Sunbeam

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