Letting go...

Letting go...

I am lucky enough to sell some of my work, and that is a great thing. It enables me to make a living and paint full time. But it can be difficult sometimes letting go of a favourite piece . 

I sometimes I think "I'll never be able to paint another one like that one", or so much work has gone into it I can't bear to part with it or sometimes quite scarily I think " that might be it that's the last decent painting I ever paint!" .

But over time I can now let them go of them much more easily and I get much more happiness from that than holding on to them. The fact people want to part with their money for my work is thrilling. The thought of having my work on walls all over the world makes me smile daily and to know that people are happy with them and they bring them joy is a real buzz. Plus letting them go creates room for new and different work which always moves me forward to new challenges .....Having said all this there are some paintings I haven't managed to part with....yet .

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You have a great following, and people obviously love and BUY your work (how can something which gives you so much sheer pleasure, be a job, I ask you?) You do have the best of all worlds, in that respect. I’ll keep enjoying watching the paintings that you show, until THE ONE comes up and it’ll be me who parts with the cash! Can’t wait!

Sue Hay

We’re certainly glad that you’ve parted with some. You have a lovely style. :)


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