Why Watercolour?

Why Watercolour?

I have only really ever painted in watercolour and it has become a real friend to me. I have toyed with the idea of trying other mediums and never say never but I think watercolour is the only medium for me I love it's fluidity and the way it magically paints itself on the paper. 

I do believe that if you do something for long enough you can become good at it and the doing of it is what I  enjoy. It is hard to explain to someone how much water, how much paint , why I just did what I did. When I think I should leave something or when I think I shouldn't! It has become kind of second nature to me.

Don't get me wrong I am not a purist I use masking fluid, salt, gold ink and sometimes some white acrylic whatever I think works best on the paper. I stand back from a painting, turn it upside down and sometimes put the whole thing under the tap. I want to challenge myself daily but I want to do watercolours as well as I can

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