It's just me...

It's just me...

I am so enjoying being able to tell you all about what I do, I have a routine to my days and thoroughly enjoy the process of painting and looking at the world around me I live in a very small village in the heart of Devon we have lived here for 15 years now

The views are so lovely as I said to a friend when we first moved here from inner city Birmingham it is like being on holiday everyday.That feeling hasn't left me. 

I have children to get up and to school, washing to do, food to cook and a house to clean ( sometimes!!)But the days are mostly my own. I always have commissions to think about and they give me structure .Commissions have introduced me to new subjects and challenged me in new directions. I had never attempted an animal up until 3 years ago when I was asked to paint a hare so I never know what is around the corner.

But my free days as I call them are a lot of fun I have freedom to paint what I feel like some days I like to be messy and some days I like to be very concentrated and clean, A tree or a bird may catch my eye as I walk up the lane or I may have 3 things I want to get done at once....some days I don't know what to do till I sit down and start.

But it is just me, in the spare room, 

with my paper ,my paints and my beloved series 7 brushes . So if you ever want to know anything just ask and I will try to get back to you .

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Rachel, your animals and birds are AMAZING — love your work and comments.


Love reading about how you work. Hard to believe you didn’t do animals as I have so many animals of yours. Your commissions are the best. And your elephants…and your owls! Not that I am biased or anything.


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