Turning my passion into my career....

Turning my passion into my career....

I had no great life plan.I seem to have happened across most things by chance and have been very lucky in the process.

I remember sitting on a Pembrokeshire beach around 10 years ago sketching and a lovely person asked if I was a professional artist ? I laughed out loud and joked "oh no I just do this for fun". But I was flattered that she even asked the question. I just carried on painting for many more years in snatched hours on holidays and at weekends.

Children and work kept me very busy but I loved to paint....

And so around 18 months ago after a lot of thought and a lot of encouragement from family, friends and people via Facebook and twitter, I decided to leap into self employed work as a full time artist. It has been a steep learning curve to say the least. Keeping accounts, learning about print runs, putting a price on a picture, these are all skills I am still learning. 

Then I have to find a rhythm to my days and a list of ongoing work, taking post to the post office, packaging ,answering queries and coping with rejections as well as praise

But I can honestly say so far so good , I am busy, I am making a living and I still love to paint , so when people ask me what I do for a living .... I can say "I am an artist".


  • Ros

    Lovely to see your pictures, proud owner of one, wondering which Pembrokeshire beach so many beautiful ones around here.

  • Kirsty

    Rachel, you’re an inspiration! I would love to do what you did and turn my dream of being an artist into reality.

  • Joyce colmer

    Your work is beautiful, and after been giving my Robin picture at xmas, I am a confirmed follower of your work, just keep doing what your doing! Well done!

  • SUe GIles

    You most certainly can say you are an artist Rachel!

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