How Much ?

How Much ?

I think the essence of all watercolour painting is how much water to use. Amazing effects can be created simply by adding the right amount of water. Soft fur, waves in the ocean , the light in the eye of a hare. 

It is a magic process and one that takes a long time ( if ever ) to master. I love to work loosely wet in wet and leave a lot to the imagination, but by adding too much water the effect can be lost, don't add enough and it can look claggy. It's as much about knowing when to stop ,as what to do, to let yourself go and let the paint paint itself.

I am often asked how much water? That is a difficult question as it is learnt over many years, it becomes instinctive and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I am still learning and will be for the rest of my life.

The only way to truly learn is by having a go.Sometimes I dream about washes, and how the paint reacts with the water and the paper, I am fascinated by it. I love to see the magical effects of how much? The answer is as much or as little as you want ,just go with the flow.

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