One of those days .....

One of those days .....

Today has been one of those days, I set off with the full intention of getting going on a new painting . 

I got the kids off to school and then headed up the hill on my normal walk. The spring sunshine was lovely and the hedgerows seemed alive with birds . I had plenty of ideas buzzing in my head along with the buzzing of Spring all around me.All was good with the world.....

Passing my car on the way back home I noticed one of the tyre's was into town to check it out. They were very efficient and after an hour I was in my studio raring to go......

Sketch done and off I go that's not right, the washes are all muddy and I know the eye isn't right. Shall I carry on, shall I see if I can salvage something from the mess.....

Oh the washing needs hanging out.

Right new sheet of paper...let's start again I will get this right ! But I am already annoyed about the first attempt and the second one seems to be going the same way...shall I have lunch instead.

Now fed and ready to go again....but it feels wrong today, I am trying to force myself to paint and I can't paint today, it feels like walking through treacle even trying, so I down tools and head out into the Devon countryside. Another walk and I feel a lot better, I will paint again tomorrow or maybe the next day ...but today has just been one of those days.

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I think when things aren’t going right it’s a good idea to give yourself a rest and have a good walk and some time out because you must need it?


“Tomorrow is another day”. So true!

Sue Giles

From long experience I’ve found that ploughing on at getting nowhere doesn’t work.
Sometimes when I’m restoring a photograph, nothing goes to plan so I go back to my original scan and start again the following day, often with better results.

Ian Thomas

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