A Prickly Painting

A Prickly Painting

It's the Easter Holidays so painting time is precious, kids are downstairs watching films, pizza is being eaten. It is Saturday evening I think I have the space and time to do a painting. 

I think a hedgehog is in order. First I sketch the out line....I like a sketch

even with something simple like a hedgehog shape so I can judge if I have the proportions right.

Then the eye, there are several colors in the eye, yellow, browns and blue. I have to be so careful to preserve the white for the light 

I hold several brushes in my left hand when I paint so I can swap and select the right size for the little piece I am doing.....

Now I have to get the colours right for the snout and his little nose. I like to highlight areas with cerelean blue. I love blues and purples in a painting. I am not sticking true to life but I am painting what feels right

Now I paint very loosely and with a lot of water I want the paint to paint itself....time to see what happens

I am adding dark's with a purply cobalt blue and cadmium red mixture , colour combination I like a lot. I have to be patient as I have done the underneath prickles so I let it dry, usually time for a cuppa a this stage......

Now more splashes and splatters for the prickles, trying to protect the face with some old paper and just seeing what looks right...

Finally all he needs is some white high lights with a white acrylic paint and he is done....and so are the films and the pizza downstairs!

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