Commissions .....

Commissions .....

I am often asked ..."do you like doing commissions?"

Well there's a question and the simple answer is yes I do, the long answer is.....

I am still flattered and excited when someone asks me to paint something for them. I know it means they must like my style of painting and want me to paint a treasured pet or precious moment for them to keep forever.But along with the excitement comes a certain amount of pressure....that doesn't apply when painting a subject that I have chosen.

To take some of the pressure off I never take any payment unless or until the customer is happy with the finished piece. I have discovered a love of many new subjects and new challenges from the many and varied subjects I have been given to paint

My first horse and rider led to several new commissions. I need clear photos to work from and I need people to let me know if they have any specific requirements.

I know that when I am given a commission a customer already has a finished painting in mind and that means I have something to live up to. And so when I unveil my work it will be measured against their expectations and sometimes I don't meet them. That is difficult to take as I do want people to be happy. having said that  every painting is a lesson and sometimes I have to admit I can't get the picture right and that is tough but it doesn't happen very often thank goodness.

However it is not all bad news as I said I do like the challenge . My first hare, cat, dog, car , bat, fish etc etc were commissions and they have become firm favourites in my repertoire And I appreciate the structure your commissions give me . I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I can do something for someone. I get some beautiful messages from happy customers and they make my heart sing and I earn a living from it all too. 

Finally there is the feeling I get from doing a commission one day and then the sense of freedom from painting something just for me the next. I think if I had too much freedom I might get lost in it but too much structure that would be stifling I am very happy with the work load I have.

So if you are interested in a commission then please get in touch and thank you everyone who has ever asked me to paint something for them...I have learnt something from them all

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Hi Leslie, I have sent you an email re costs etc, just let me know if you ever want a painting , Rachel

Rachel Toll

Do you use a standard size for portraits? 5×7 or 8×10 or something similar? Im crazy about your work and I’d love a portrait of my marvelous cat, but have no idea what it would cost. ? Thanks!


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