I was recently asked by a dear friend how I managed my business and it got me thinking. I am very lucky, to be living here and now and how helpful the internet has been in enabling me to reach so many people.

Facebook has and continues to be a lifeline. I began (like everyone) dubiously, and just had my own personal page, I shared a few paintings and received a lovely response, and great comments. However it felt a bit like when you have people round for dinner no-one criticizes a friend's cooking. I certainly didn't want to inflict my art on people who just weren't interested and so began 'Watercolours By Rachel', my very own art page. But things didn't happen overnight, it took time and patience. It was a full 12 months before a 100 people  liked my page. I remember dancing up and down on the bed on holiday when 100 people liked a particular painting.But the gradual rise in popularity has coincided with my growing confidence. I have had to learn how to photograph my work better ( and am still learning), I have also had to learn about communicating with people and learning about pricing and packaging.

All that said I  feel so blessed to have Facebook and then Twitter ,(where a whole artist's community resides). I get to see what others are doing.I get some great feedback and occasionally some criticism. I feel connected to a wider world and learn what people like and what people don't like as much. It keeps me on my toes and makes me feel like I meet old friends on a daily basis, and the fingers of the internet are spread wide. I have 'met' people in New Zealand, Australia, New York and Grimsby and many more besides.New friendships as people who supported me at the beginning see how far I have come and still have to go.

I have been given some amazing opportunities and  they have been facilitated by social media, and best of all it has enabled me to do this art stuff for a living what an amazing tool. 

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