Q is for Queen Anne's Lace

Q is for Queen Anne's Lace

So my wildlife/nature alphabet continues and I have been enjoying painting  animals and flowers old and new. I struggled with 'Q' but have managed to squeeze in a landscape. The cowparsley here in Devon billows in the hedgerow come mid summer and is definitely one of my favourite plants

I never use watercolour white paint , sometimes I do add some  white acrylic, at the end of a piece, but not in this one. First I start by sketching the main parts and using masking fluid to place where the cow parsley will be. (see the yellowy blobs) I use a colour shaper to apply the masking fluid.

Then I paint the far distant hills. The furthest hills are always painted in blue as that is the last colour our eyes can see. If you want to give a landscape depth then use blue in the distance.

Now the fun begins where I can let my imagination wild adding lots of yellows and greens. It is best to see the foliage as a single shape adding lights and darks, and texture as I work. I splatter and add water as I work trying not to let the piece dry out.



I work from right to left and lose myself in it as I go. It is a case of being aware of the finished piece but going with the flow. 



I must have got lost in the piece as I forgot to take any more photos, but I think you get the idea. Once the piece is finished and dry !!( very important that it is dry ) I rub off the masking fluid with an eraser and the painting is done.

Roll on summer !

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