Warmer tones

Warmer tones

I am off to Anglesey for a week with the family. My paints are packed and I am so looking forward to having some me time and the freedom to paint what I want.

I have been tidying up the studio and have found a sketch I did firstly in paynes grey then in the colours I wanted to use



It is quite a simple piece, and the reason I used Payne's grey first was to show the tones. Payne's grey has very dark darks and very light lights so you can create all the tones you need without having to think about colour . Payne's grey is acutally a  mixture of blues and black but it is a lovely colour to sketch with and experiment with. I enjoy the freedom of using one colour it releases the artist from the need to make decisions about colour and get on with painting. I love it .I use it for my elephants and my owls sometimes.

Then once I was happy with the sketchy painting I thought I would try again using colour, all good fun and something to have a go at..now on with the packing. 

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I love both paintings, it is very useful to see how you have handled one colour to such good effect; The exploration of tones then help with the painting of the colour version.
Have a good holiday Rachel, look forward to seeing any resulting works.

CHristine BLiss

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