Re charging the batteries

Re charging the batteries

I have just returned from a beautifully sunny week in Anglesey . I must say it was just what the doctor skies and and glorious beaches and a chance to do nothing.....or  that was the plan ( I did have my paints packed just in case)...

Then on our first evening fish and chips on the beach...and wait was that an oystercatcher just yards away ? It certainly was, and another 2 in the distance. As me and my daughter clambered up the rocks we saw more finding their tea on the beach just like us.

The next day blues skies again and me and my daughter went rock pooling, she loves animals even more than me I think. " A hermit crab mum" "a tiny one "she cried "don't hurt it". The more we looked the more we saw....."what's that weird looking fish ?" "That's a tiny shrimp". We found all sorts , and it was all great fun., and when we looked upwards the sky was full of wonderful birds. "You could paint those mum"

She was right and I was already itching to get going with inspiration everywhere, "shall we both paint on the beach tomorrow mum".....



It was just what I needed, and we had a great week.....we collected hundreds of shells, and ate ice cream, and bought pretty surfy bracelets and we painted


One day we walked through the lanes and paths frothing with cow parsley and butterflies where the greens are so bright they almost hurt your eyes, and the sun sparkles through the leaves


 One day my son and my husband went off to climb Snowdon , we stayed behind and had lunch overlooking the sand dunes . Eliza roller skated home then we sat on 'our' little bench and we painted some more


 If it all sounds just too good to be true then believe me ,we are a real family, I snapped at the kids when the stared at their phones instead of wanting to go to the beach, or refused to go to bed, or wanted something when they had just had something else. I sometimes couldn't be bothered to play another game of beach tennis or swim in the freezing sea !!!! I have my limits like any mum....

However Anglesey was glorious ,the sun shone everyday and the wildlife was amazing I have a head brimming with ideas a camera full of useful shots...I can't wait to get painting again ...not that I ever really stopped! 




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