A Watercolour Retrospective , it's good to look back as well as forward

A Watercolour Retrospective , it's good to look back as well as forward

Hi, to all of you and a Happy New Year. I hope Christmas and New Year were what you hoped they'd be, I know it can be stressful, or disappointing. I know it can stir up memories of happier times or loved ones no longer with us.

Some people are grappling with illness or caring responsibilities, dreading the future and what it may hold. I send you all my very best wishes, my mantra through tricky times has always been ' one step at a time' , and eventually you are on the other side of whatever is so daunting ahead. Nothing is ever as frightening as our imaginations create it to be, and no one lives the kind of life we see on TV adverts or cookery shows , so be kind to yourselves and each other .

I send out my New Year wish that this year goes as well as it can for you .

Now I was going to write a blog about my 2023 watercolour year, the highs and lows. I got into the Royal Society of Watercolour artists for the first time with my humble bumble 

Then I failed to get into the wildlife artist of the year exhibition , this year for the first time in 6 years, so as I said highs and lows.

But then I started to look back over my Facebook posts and sort of got lost in all may previous paintings. 

My very first FB post was taken at a craft event at my local pub , the first time I showed the 'world' my art and hoped for the best. Nothing sold !


But someone did ask me to paint them a hare, here it is, they bought it too!

My style has changed a lot since then

My first robin

However as I looked back I was also amazed by my style and I found things I really liked that I may want to revisit.

Our lane to Copplestone in winter.

A commission I did for a Falkland's veteran .

I remember experimenting with a swan, here is my first attempt . I think these have improved.

And my hares.

And foxes.

But I like the robin against the monochrome background, I'd forgotten him.

And I don't think this little hedgehog has ever been bettered.

My curled fox, this piece was accepted in the wildlife artist of the year , I was so excited and thrilled. And he SOLD !


My new hare style was a success too

This one also got into the wildlife artist of the year a year later.


This commission of a black cat was also one of my first and gave me so much confidence when it received a lot of praise.

Then I was asked to paint pieces for Lympstone Manor, I nearly said no I was so nervous, but saying Yes was one of the best things I ever did.

New styles and approaches

Ways to paint underwater, this is an old favourite of mine.

So as we race forward it is  good to take time, look back and reflect, Remember that who you are now is as a result of the things you did in the past. I am going to try to build on what I have painted before and see what happens next. 

I can't wait to see what appears, and your support makes it all possible. 

Thank you all, and here's to 2024 x





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I am the proud owner of your “Curled Fox” and it is hanging on my wall of our Tennessee house on the lake. I also just bought some of your Mermaid cards to share with my fellow Mermaid. I am a fellow watercolor artist and love your style!!

Susie Krause

I look forward each week to your blog and this week’s is no exception. You provide inspiration with each one by showing us hits and tips to make our paintings come alive. Not only are you an excellent painter but an inspiring teacher too. Thank you.

Julie Stevens

Kedves Rachel!
Hálás vagyok Neked, hogy a blogodban ennyi inspirációt adsz. Kerestem az életben mi tesz boldoggá és rátaláltam a festésre.Én még nem mutattam meg magam a világnak, de készülök rá. Nagyon izgatott vagyok.Köszönöm a munkádat és az önzetlenségedet.

Kornélia Vessző

Such an interesting blog. Thank you. You inspire me greatly. I love your work 🙂

Lynne Pearson

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