A new robin from an old one...

A new robin from an old one...

If your reading this , I can only assume you have survived another Christmas , and are facing the new year with the same hopes and fears  we all are . We read a lot  about new starts and new beginnings, and I ,as much as anyone  need to eat a little less and exercise a bit more , be kinder to myself and other people ( especially the annoying ones)  .

All that said, though, I also think we need to reflect a bit,  me and you .We are doing alright, you know. Trying our best, all my poems and paintings of older women are really saying , accept who you are, be proud of what you are , and just do the things that make you happy regardless of your size or imperfections. I am always amazed by the amount of good there is in the world, the random acts of kindness, and the friends I make every year, some halfway across the world because I am open to starting conversations and trying to help where I can

We had a good Christmas, the kids are older and more interested in phones than panto, but we played a few games

and we enjoyed a good few days together 

So this blog is a bout the same old painting...like the same old me, but with a few tweaks. Excuse the tenuous link there.

I found this painting of a robin a painted a few years ago, and the photo I had used.


It was ok, but it needed some improvement.

So I taped it down to a board, got out some clear water and a brush, and wet the places I wanted to erase.

You can help things along by blotting with a kitchen towel. But don't rub too hard.

I particularly thought his feet needed work.



Above you can see how I worked on his feet. Adding more detail and more shadow.


So when I had finished he did look a bit sorry for himself.

Next I wetted the whole body and added some cerulean blue.

Oh my goodness has she gone mad....( I hear you cry) I think she's been at the cooking sherry again.

Then I added some darker shading with cobalt blue and cadmium red.

And started to add colour to the brown feathers and yellow ochre to his red breast. Not a complete overhaul but a touch up here and there...

I have also worked on his tail and added a few splashes. I think my robin may have gained a few pounds...well it is Christmas!


I made the eye clearer too, and now adding browns and reds and brighter colours to make my robin sing !

Here are the before and after shots


And so I added some more colour and a few splashes of white acrylic just for a bit of movement.

Same old robin, just a bit better with age and experience, just like all of us. 

Happy new Year x


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I do enjoy reading your blog a lovely Robin. Thank you


Love this robin xx Happy New Year 🥳


Love your Robin’s and the process! Happy New Year@

Barbara Saunders

Happy New Year!!
I love your Robins, almost as much as the bees, will save up for one next year 2023 😁


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