A reflective painting using Paynes Grey

A reflective painting using Paynes Grey

Today I find myself in a reflective mood.

Winter is fully upon us, and I like all of you am longing for signs of Spring. A good friend who has a lot on her plate just now said to me the other day, "I am searching for signs of Spring-I've never needed Spring so much as I do this year."

Well those little flowers, that mean so much at this time of year ,are poking their heads through the cold ground.

I find that their is beauty in every season of the year. I am grateful to live in the UK where we have such varying and different seasons, and I like to paint along with them . However a crisp sunny winter's day is a treat rather than a grey soggy one, 

As I get older I am realising that light, sunshine, and beauty are as important as other daily essentials. I try to get out into the light as much as I can during the shorter days of winter.

I thought you might like to see  like something simpler this week, something you can all have a go at and that may take you away form the world for an hour or 2.

To make it much easier I am only using one colour, paynes grey, to paint in one colour makes life a lot easier, it stops you from having to make one decision in your painting ...which colour to use, and concentrate on tones. It also helps you to see things as shapes rather tan individual objects.

Now this scene is purely from my imagination.

I found an old piece of watercolour paper and drew an horizon line on it

I then wet the area above the line with water

Now using paynes grey i dropped wet paint onto the wet paper, creating distant shapes. The paint isn't too strong this is just the back ground in wet in wet.

Then I left that to dry....so far so good.

Now using different sizes of brush and different types of mark making I begin to create , trees, bushes, branches, fences. Add more water or less water to lighten or darken your shapes, Keep moving and keep thinking about tone and shape trying not to get too repetitive.

Keep moving across the page.

Now leave it to dry then we will add the water. Wet the paper keeping your lines horizontal like water. Once it is wet drop paynes grey onto the paper. My paper is at a slight angle . I am darkening the paint where the trees above are darker.

Then using a brush cleaned in clean water pull it across the slightly damp lake.


And voilà...your work is done, and afternoon thinking about still waters and trees, and birds and lakes. Now try it again with colour if you feel brave, or paint another with different shapes. Watercolour has been my saviour during these difficult months, maybe it can help you too. Hmmm now what shall I paint next?



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