A simple Allium

A simple Allium

Hi I can't believe it is Thursday again, but here we are again. I am looking out at blue skies and an abundance of flowers , the weather here in Devon has been glorious and we are enjoying sitting out for lunch.


We walked at Raddon Hill yesterday , taking in the 360 degree views from up there. 

The famous lonesome pine stands up there, a famous local landmark.

Which I have attempted to paint in the past.

We walked a lot and talked a lot. We marvelled at the views and were wowed by the Hawthorn blossom , amazing.

Back in my studio, my garden provides plenty of inspiration, why not have a go at an allium this week ?



Firstly as always I like a simple pencil sketch to get me started.


Today I am not going to focus on the bees, but if you want to add some a few of my other blogs talk about painting them.

If you look at an allium, it is reminiscent of a dandelion clock. I want to highlight some of the flowers against the darker middle , so I paint a few of the tiny flowers around the allium first.

This should show you what I mean.



I am using rose madder and a lemon yellow with a darker green for the centres. Now I am going to mask off the little flowers using masking fluid and a paper clip, so I can make the area behind them darker.




Go carefully , paint each little flower with the masking fluid then leave it to dry completely !



I have tried to show you ( above ) that the masking fluid goes translucent when it dries. Also test it with your finger, it may be a little tacky but  none will come off on your finger if it is completely dry.



Now we are painting the darkest part of the flower, the real centre of the flower head, behind the masked off tiny flower I have painted. I puddle a dark colour made up of alizarin crimson mixed with cobalt blue.



Then while it is still wet the paint I start to pull out the stems which hold the tiny flowers. Now I am being much looser. I want lighter stems and darker ones as well as some in green. Be bold, let your brush dance, and go for the different shapes at the end of the purple stems. I mix the colours as I go, try and be spontaneous and see what happens.



Then leave the wet paint to dry completely before you rub of the masking fluid, you may have to repaint the tiny flowers a bit as rubbing off the masking fluid can also rub off some of the paint.Oh yes and |I painted the stem letting it fade away down the paper

Then I added my bees, but you could add more alliums, or leave it as it is.

I find ways of painting different things and each new subject is a new challenge, but the more you do the more you feel confident to try something new

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That is so lovely ! Alliums are among my favourite flowers. You paint them beautifully. Thank you for the instructions. I’ll definitely be having a go at this one x

Carole Jamieson

Thank you Rachel for your wonderful posts! I just love watching your painting process…it inspires me so much to just let go and try new things! My alliums are just coming up now…so, this was a timely post. I am going to go out and cut a few when they bloom and try my hand at painting them in a fun, loose style! I just love your bees too…keep them coming!

Lesley Larose

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