A simple daisy painting ( just in time for Mother's Day)

A simple daisy painting ( just in time for Mother's Day)

Some of my blogs are more complicated than others, today I thought ( given the madness of the world outside) I thought it might be nice to share a simple painting of a daisy with you, it maybe something you feel you can try ....go on have a go.

It might make the nice basis of a card for mum next weekend x

Daisies are the simplest flowers to draw and paint, but they are also so cheerful and lovely, firstly draw your daisy....


Then really look at the flower, or the photo and see where the shadows are on the petals of the daisy, we are starting with the very lightest colour, and in this case it is cerulean blue.

And so paint the lightest shadows on the petals and work your way around the flower, carefully.

Petals shed shadows over other petals, 

I work my way around and also add some lines down the centre of petals. 

Once you have gone all around the flower in cerulean blue, then mix yourself a darker shadow colour, using cadmium red and cobalt blue, and go back to paint the petals. Add the darker shadows but make sure you leave some lighter blue showing.

Now you can start on the lovely sunshiney centre.


I wet the centre first then flood it with a lovely Indian yellow.

Make a decision which side the light is hitting the centre.


Now I add some cadmium orange and drop it into the wet yellow on the left hand side.

Then some darker reddish browny orange dropped again into the left hand side.

Finally I add a bit of texture to the centre by adding some water , just a few drops sprayed off the brush.


Then to make the daisy stand out I add some greens behind the petal. The darker the colour behind the white , the lighter the white will look. I like to add colours together and go from yellow greens to blue greens and I add water so it blooms, and looks interesting


Please excuse this photo it came out all blurred.


Keep going as much or as little as you like, this is just fun .

And there your daisy is done. You can see now why the shadows at the beginning are important.

I added a bee, but then I would wouldn't I ?


Go on have a go, this is a great one to start on. 


  • Renate

    Today I painted this Daisy, two times, and it looks very good. We have no snow in Belgium and today it felt like spring. Thanks for this one.

  • Roisin

    Love this tutorial Just had a go and I love it Thanks

  • Abby

    This is just lovely. All of your work is, if I’m honest. And the way you explain things makes so much sense. Cheers from Florida. 🏡💜

  • Ellie Knol

    Thanks so much Rachel… great tutorial…. I think here should be hundreds of reactions, not just 3…

  • Elizabeth Robertson

    Hi Rachel, Thank you for your blog… it is helping me to have fun painting during out lockdown here in Spain. I painted this one today and am very happy with the result. xxx

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