A tribute to the end of summer

A tribute to the end of summer

The mornings are feeling much cooler here in Devon and there is mist in the air. The hedgerows are festooned with spider's webs , we are moving into Autumn. 

This has been a memorable week in the UK, and I think for many people around the world, the funeral of Elizabeth II on Monday was truly remarkable, and showed what we can do when we all play our small part in a bigger picture. There was hardly a step out of place , incredible. I think that is why small things  then became very poignant, the flowers, the piper, the corgis and her pony. History being played out , and we were watching.

We also managed a walk at one of our favourite places, Trebarwith, near Tintagel on the North Cornish coast.



The weather was perfect, and it was a good place to reflect on life , changing seasons, changing times. 

Our eldest is off to university on Sunday , and we couldn't persuade either of our children to join us to the coast. More outings with just me and my hubby seem to be on the cards.


So perhaps that is another reason to paint, it can capture a moment in time and save it forever.


So with that in mind here is a lovely little painting to remind me of summer evenings on the beach.

First I sketched out 2 surfers heading for the sea.

Then the sky and the wet sand are a mirror image of each other.

Let that dry

Then add the sea, I just used indigo

Now the surf boards using yellow ochre.

And next the figures , done in indigo , but this time a much stronger tone.

And finally their all important reflections in the wet sand


I hope you are coping with the changing seasons, and any other changes in your life, why not step off the merry go round for a while and have an afternoon painting ?


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I absolutely love your painting and your blog is such a considered interesting read – you are truly talented with both your words and pictures. Thanks for sharing


Just Love it


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