A simple winter landscape, using salt.

A simple winter landscape, using salt.

A new year and a whole new world of painting opportunities awaits. What to paint, will it turn out how I want it to? 

The weather here is cold and quite grey, very fitting for this time of year. We enjoyed a lovely walk in North Cornwall on New Years Day, Taking deep breaths as my grandma always encouraged us to do, making the most of the sea air.

I have so much I want to achieve with my painting , I want to get better, produce pieces that make my heart sing and that bring joy to others too.

But sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to play, to go where the paint takes us, and let watercolour be magical. So here is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

A simple painting to begin 2022

First tape a paper to a board, no need to draw anything.

Then I wet the paper and brushed a lovely mix of indigo and paynes grey across the paper, and let gravity do it's thing

Then I added a stronger mix of paynes grey and made marks across the bottom third of the paper 

Then I just sprinkled table salt onto the landscape.

Just ordinary morrisons table salt. ( other table salts are available) 

And wait.

And let it dry

Now in darker paynes grey I add some detail as little


or as much as you like.



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I stumbled on your Facebook page following a posting on another’s and was totally taken by your work. She had shared several of your paintings and all made me smile. I live in SW Florida and painting is not one of my gifts, but honestly have never really tried. Thank you for sharing your work. It is one of the best things I have ever found on Facebook.

Pat Moore

Love this. I’ve used salt before but not with these shades. Very effective. Thank you so much.

Anne Hercock

That looks fun I’m definitely going to try it later. Thank you, you’ve taught me a few tricks now to improve my art. Happy New Year. I love posts and art. Debbie


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