A Sunny Day in September ..a workshop at Lympstone Manor

A Sunny Day in September ..a workshop at Lympstone Manor

On a beautiful late summer day in Devon, I  tutored the last of 3 watercolour workshops held at Lympstone manor. I thought you might like to see what we got up to...it's a hard job but somebody has to do it!

They had set up a gazebo in the grounds overlooking the estuary ( bake off eat your heart out! )



After a rainy week it was a relief to see the sunshine

The table was set out ready for painting, 



It really is a beautiful setting, the views are to die for.....



This workshop was for 6 painters, we were going to paint views of the estuary and some late summer colour. The painters arrived, some had never picked up a paintbrush in their lives, others had more experience, but they all had enthusiasm, and a willingness to give it a go.

So with the amazing staff at Lympstone serving us coffee, we set to work ( if you can call it that!)

We began by sketching the view. 



I like to work with people by going through things step by step, and so we began

. Starting with the sky, layering the landscape, problem solving along the way. I am a great believer that anyone can paint, just give it a go, and enjoy the process, the doing of it, the looking...

In groups like this everyone is so encouraging of everyone else's efforts ( and not of their own ) , but I think most were pleasantly surprised by what they could do

Here is my effort




A busy morning full of laughter and watercolours, me rambling on and not being able to pronounce 'Alizarin Crimson' , but the joy is in watching others enjoy doing what I love



Look at that view behind me....

Then the most difficult part of the day ( not ), lunch in one of the lovely dining rooms at Lympstone, this was our amazing lemon dessert



Then back to the tent to do some more painting, in the afternoon we attempted a goldfinch 




Afternoon tea, and a slice of cake from the manor 



Then finally a go at some quick splishy splashy blackberries


A really full, busy, laughter-filled treat of a day in the sunshine



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Well I was one of the lucky 6 and had a day I will remember forever. Not just for the setting, views, food and company; but the fabulous painting experience and laughter. As you say Rachel, alizarin was a bit of an issue 😂. If anyone is toying with the idea of a class with Rachel then rest assured it is worth every penny. I’d love to take part in another in the future 🤞🏻


Do you have more workshops planned – would love to come!

Jane Watkinson

I wish I lived in England to attend such a lovely watercolor workshop!!! That view is dreamy and so are the watercolor paintings!

Looks perfect!

A beautiful venue, stunning view, an outstanding tutor and delicious food. I only wish I could have joined you.


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