A sweet pea

A sweet pea

It's been a busy week since last I wrote my blog. The Uk was gripped by Jubilee fever and here in our little mid Devon village we lit a beacon using a lit bow and arrow, All very exciting,


We also went to parties and listened to our children play in the town square. It all seemed so good to be together again after such a long time apart.

So whatever your individual feelings about the monarchy, I think we all needed a good reason to be together and laugh, and remember community does matter.

We even managed a lovely walk on Friday morning, making the most of a Bank Holiday to appreciate Devon and it's natural beauty.

Meanwhile my children have resumed their exams, stress levels have returned and I retreat to my little studio, and heave a sigh of relief as all I need to focus on is one small sweet pea.

I wanted to show you briefly how I add light and velvetiness to the flower,

So first draw the flower

Then wet an petal, and add cerulean blue where you want the light to hit it

Then I added a mixture of crimson and purple to the rest of the petal

Similarly on the other side

Now while it is still a bit wet, I have added darker tones

I can also take pigment out using a very clean damp brush

I can add the darkest tones by adding blues to my purply mixture.

Finally I add the stem and my sweet pea can join the bunch 






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Love this blog now I have had help with the lights and darks and how to create them. Love sweetpeas and this blog is a brilliant one about them.
Love how the Hare gets a sneaky look in behind keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.
It’s been quite a spectacular display of community, how great to be back enjoying life together as humans should. How very creative the lightshow was using Buckingham Palace as the backdrop I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Back to everyday life whatever that is. 😊

Diane Hayward

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