An abstract, atmospheric winter landscape

An abstract, atmospheric winter landscape

Hello, I am beginning to get bogged down in completing commissions and getting things ready for the craft fayre in my local parish. I don't do many craft fayres, but it feels right to support my local one.

It takes place in the local church, and there is always lots of good food, cakes and coffee to keep me going. This was my stall a few years back now.

If you are in Devon, and want to come along it would be lovely to see you, and if anyone wanted me to bring anything especially then do get in touch and I will see what I can do.

Now back to this blog, the wind and rain here has been relentless this week, today I am looking out over a stormy scene. However the sky changes constantly and we have been treated to many rainbows too

For me the best way to escape the bad weather is to enter an imaginary watercolour world

No drawing this time just a lovely blank piece of paper with endless possibilities.

then I wet a section, imagining a slight hill

I drop in some yellow and add some paynes grey.

be bold, and use plenty of water. Pick up your board and let things flow. I even turn things upside down.

Then I sprinkled a little salt.

To see what would happen.


Now more water

I am playing now with water and paynes grey and some green gold, to see what I can make happen.

I also dropped in more salt.

More water again, you have to be bold, and patient, let things dry and stand back

I am hinting at pine trees here.

Adding a bit more every time.


As It dries I can be more literal.

Another tree appears.

And as the trees get nearer the colours and shapes are more defined

The final trees are much darker 

Then I added some grasses and hints at foreground.

I added some birds too, maybe I got too literal...but it's a good experiment to see what watercolour can do.


Stay safe everyone, and maybe I'll meet some of you on Saturday x


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Very interesting! I love to see how paintings are done, step by step. And I love the churc fairs! We have many here, all on the same weekend in my town. I love the crafts and the food offerings!


Thank you Rachel for sharing your gift, it brings me joy to see your work. A true inspiration and encouragement to start what I also feel called to do.
Sending love peace and joy throughout this winter season, take care xx

Rachel Baxter

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