Vitamin Sea

Vitamin Sea

I am loving my week in Cornwall

When i get home to my studio I will go through a more detailed seascape , but in the mean time here are some of the views we've been enjoying 


The sea changes daily, even hourly,

Boy have I struggled with the sea, for years and years my seas were flat and uninteresting....and I was annoyed as I love the sea.

But I am getting to grips with them now and here is a little wave study I wanted to show you.

First I found a wave photo that I liked,

Then I sketched it out.

First I did the sky....but bear with me this will change later....

then the distant hills

then I painted the sea behind the wave

then the water under the wave, see I left the white of the paper for the foam, I wanted to see the light shining through the wave too.

I am using indigo for the darkest colour and other blues and greens and yellows in the sea.


Now I work my way down the painting, adding lights and darks as I go. Under the foam is usually the darkest.

Now I add some shadow to the foam using my shadow colour.


Next is where pure watercolourists would say I cheat. I use white acrylic to splatter on the foam again.

I thought the foam looked a bit lost so once it had dried I added a darker blue sky

Then reinstated some white acrylic, I also kept standing back and seeing where I needed to add some darks , where did it need more?

I use my finger to move the paint around too, to create the sense of movement

Hurray we are by the sea, the wind is catching the top of the wave and all is well. 

So off to the beach I go for one last swim, the sun is shining , if you can't make it to the beach why not have a go at catching your own wave.


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This is a wonderful little breakdown of your process. Absolutely adore your painting style.

Francesca Nimmo

Thank you for breaking down your painting process. It is extremely helpful. Your watercolor is gorgeous.

Cathie Lein

Love this , thank you . Do you do any in person tutorial days?


Fantastic! I can smell and feel the salty sea air and wind and can hear the waves crashing just looking at your painting – and that’s just on the computer copy! Definitely one of the best ‘sea’ tutorials that I have seen too. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.


This is one of the best tutorials. On the sea I have seen thank you

Penny Saksida

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