Changing season , changing style (slightly)

Changing season , changing style (slightly)

The changing seasons always change the things I want to paint. I have spoken before about my Devon home.I live among fields and farms, high hedges and beautiful views, how could I not be inspired.But I have also noticed this September my paintings have been subtly changing too, and I am enjoying the results. I have wanted to get looser and describe the subject as economically as I can, let me try to show you what I mean

Today I went on my walk as normal and was so taken by the autumn berries everywhere  .I  always take my phone with me to take photos ( how lucky are we as artists to have such tools at our disposal) 

Then back home to start work, firstly sketching out the painting

Then I start with the wren's eye

Then I painted the wren a loosely as I could, spraying the paper often with a spray bottle, always trying to control the water

I need to practice more to get the look I want I believe watercolour is a skill and I want to be as good at my painting as I can be, By moving forward and trying new things, I think I can get better at what I am trying to do.

Then onto the blackberries and this really takes time. I need to see all the colours in the berries, and then I need to preserve the whites. I have to add blue and purple into the berries as well as green and yellow. I want the berries to bleed into the background I want lost and found edges. Then as I spray the paper and let it dry I need to go back in and paint the darks and the edges I want to save. I am happy with the way my painting is going just need to keep going and see where it leads.

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Hi Louise yes I agree I want to say as much as I can with as little paint as possible thank you for the lovely comment x

Rachel Toll

Its beautiful. Sometimes simple has more colour and character. I used to be the same very detailed and tight and too have found the same my paintings have too become loosed and more colourful but I think its normal to do this when you progress skills and relationship with your subject matter and watercolour itself. It becomes more of a natural instinct and feeling the mark msking. Keep up the great work ???


Thankyou Arie I love to paint and I am glad you enjoy seeing what I do

Rachel Toll

This is what watercolour should look like. Fantastic atmosphere.
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Arie Kooman.


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