Christmas 2020, lets make the most of it !

Christmas 2020, lets make the most of it !

Just when you think things can's get any worse...bam you turn on the T.V. and there is the news....oh my goodness. It is tricky to keep smiling and full of Christmas spirit when the things we hold dear are just out of reach, but although the media like to be dramatic Christmas  isn't cancelled and neither was Diwali. Ramadan/ Eid, Hanukkah or any other important festival this year. They were or will be different., but the true spirit of them remains, and no one can cancel it. I know it is so hard , and for some people who are in very difficult situations it is heartbreaking .

However for most of us it means scaling down what we normally do and celebrating quietly , realising  what is important and how much we shall cherish it when it returns. In our house we are still hoping for a special visitor....



I feel helpless in the face of this pandemic, I think most of us do and during the winter months when light levels are low , we celebrate Christmas mainly for the light it brings. So lets try to do what we can, offer what we can to those on their own, a phone call or chat as we pass by in the street. I have tried to keep my blogs going, I hope they bring some light relief if you paint or if you don't. This is a very simple one, one you could do with the kids or on find some time for yourself on a quiet afternoon and hope it pops a smile on your face.

It comes from me to you, reaching out across the internet to say we are all thinking about each other, people who we miss , people who are struggling, people who are scared....we all are, so lets be kinder and do what we can. All the little things add up and make things better.

So from the sublime to the ridiculous here is how to paint a snowman, have a go....there's not much else to do.

First I tape 3 pieces of masking tape together. 

Then I draw a snowman shape on it. 

Then I carefully pull this of the plastic file I used to stick it on and cut around what I have drawn.

This is tricky cos it's sticky ( crimes it rhymes!)

The stick it onto my paper, which is A5 in size 

You can also add a masking tape moon if you like in the same way

You can see I have also used masking fluid to add his stick arms and some of his scarf.

You may have noticed ( those of you who read my blogs) that I am quite keen on Indigo, I even have a special pot with just indigo for just these occasions.



I get my paper and if you paint around the moon with water it will look a bit like the light is shining around it when you come to paint.


Then because you have masked everything off you can slosh that lovely blue everywhere.



Then sprinkle with salt and leave to rest.....

Have a mince pie and a cup of tea x 

Or a sherry if your feeling daring!!!!



Once dry you can peel off the masking tape and paint the snowman. Just the shadows with  cerulean blue and a darker mixture of cobalt blue and cad red. So he becomes 3D.


Keep going and now all he needs is a face ...,


And some buttons.

Now onto his lovely red scarf ( or whatever colour you choose)


Just the arms and hat to do, I went with a traditional brown for the hat too. I left some white to hint at a snowfall.

I also added some colour to the moon and some white acrylic snow....well it is Christmas after all.

So this is some Christmas cheer from me to you, I do hope you can find some things to celebrate over the next few days, I wish you and all the people you love a very Happy Christmas and an even happier New Year xxx



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Hallo Rachel,
I`m from Germany and I love the way you paint very much. I discovered you by chance today and immediately
painted your snowman.
Thank you for all the great watercolor and stay healthy annd creative.


Petra Gebhard

Beautiful work Rachel! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your fantastic informative blog. It is one of my favorites and I have learned so many helpful tricks. Your paintings are always stunning and lift my soul!

Kathy Friesen

Hi, I tried your snowman. Very nice, thanks


Hi Rachel, I absolutely love your work and blog and check in most weeks. It’s all pretty bleak out there right now and you certainly raise my spirits with your beautiful pictures and kind words. Oh and I’m having a go at watercolours thanks to you, although it still feels pretty alien! A very merry Christmas to yourself and your family – I look forward to hearing from you in 2021. Thank you x


Fantastic work Rachel, and thank you for the tutorial. However you are spending christmas, I wish you peace and contentment.

Dee Paraskos

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