Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021

Hi and happy Christmas eve, eve.  I think we all need to congratulate each other on getting to here, getting this far through difficult times for each and every one of us, has not been an easy task. I like to think of this quote , when things seem particularly tricky 

"Your track record of surviving bad days, so far,  is 100%".

And I know some of you this year will be missing people who aren't here, and Christmas is especially difficult for those of you. 

I am trying my best to cling on to the happy times, to take comfort in nature

This was Saturday afternoon, by the canal in Exeter , drinking in the view.

Also enjoying time spent with my family , and cherishing times when teenagers come out with us and leave there mobile phones behind for a minute or 2.


Probably like many of you , I watched 'Strictly' on Saturday night and blubbed my way through it. I couldn't pick a winner but I did think, this, THIS is the best of 'us'. Using dance ( another form of art) to express joy, love , humanity and kindness. I do strongly believe in kindness, 



I think kindness on every level could change the world.

So humming the strictly music, imagining I was slim enough to be floating around a dance floor. I thought ( you will all be relieved to know) , I would let my brushes do the dancing, and I would share with you a simple but effective Christmas tree painting, for all of you to lose yourselves in.

Firstly I taped my paper to the board.

then I drew a rough ( very rough) tree shape.

Now I wet the whole piece of paper.

Now while the paper is wet I added phtalo blue then indigo around the tree shape, going from light to dark.


Then I threw salt on it to see what happened

And let that dry.


Now rub off any salt, especially where you are going to paint your tree.

I think of the tree as a shape, and add lots of greens and blues into it

Working my way from top to bottom, 

changing colours as I go.

Then let that dry and add in some darker tones

And a bit of colour

Then I mix some of this gold pigment with water

And add a star and some golden baubles, well it is Christmas x

Finally I add a little flourish of snow, with splatters of white acrylic .


My Christmas tree is ready, my Christmas preparations certainly aren' did I buy any cranberry sauce???

Oh my goodness what a year, please please, take time for yourself this Christmas, relax, reflect and pat yourself on the made it!!


Happy Christmas x


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I was looking for inspiration. Scrolling on Pinterest I saw your painting. How beautyful! My daughter and I make christmas cards every year, and I really love your example. Thanx, also for explaining how to do it! Love, Beppie from the Netherlands


Thanks for the blog. You have lovely iseas on colours, it is beautiful and seamless.


Thanks for the blog. You have lovely iseas on colours, it is beautiful and seamless.


I love “Your track record of surviving bad days, so far, is 100%". How very true! It’s been a dark year for lots of reasons but thank you for your posts – I do enjoy seeing your paintings develop into the lovely finished images they are.
Merry Christmas!


Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I love it!

Jane Trimble

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