Dandelion clock, with a textured background.

Dandelion clock, with a textured background.

Hi from a very soggy Mid Devon, the rain is hitting the studio roof but the showers are coming and going and we are enjoying bright interludes in-between.

Wow look at that sky , that is definitely one to pop into my archive and use at a later date.

This week has been a tricky one, but one I was wanting to get over. Anyone who has had toothache for any length of time knows how draining it is, mine have been playing up since June, so I really wanted it gone. 

Thanks to to the kindness and skill of the dental surgeon my wisdom tooth and jaw are on the road to recovery. Well the wisdom tooth is gone, but I still have my jaw.

I had no idea that one diagnosis, and treatments for one illness have a kind of ripple effect, one problem solved leads to another created...hey ho I am ok, and hoping for better nights sleep to come.

I have saved up this blog to share on a day I might not feel like painting much, I have been very lazy in regard to watercolours this week. But that has meant my hubby has been able to install a wood burner in the studio, ready for the winter months....every cloud eh?

And while I write the clouds have moved on and it is brighter again



Dandelion clocks have always fascinated me, amazingly intricate seed heads, very beautiful, and yet hated by so many. Blowing them as youngsters to see what time it is. Now my husband is waging a long standing war with them in our lawn, trying to remove them before they set seed. We both know the dandelions will win, and why not, they provide food for the bees, and they are so pretty.

Anyway on to the painting , firstly I draw the dandelion clock.

Then I carefully paint in the detail of the seed head. I also paint the seeds, giving as much detail as I can , using yellow ochre and burnt umber.

I move around the dandelion.

Then the small leaves and the stem.

The contrast between lights and darks makes the painting 'pop' .

Now to get out the masking fluid and a paper clip. I use an un wound paperclip to apply very thin lines of masking fluid to represent the dandelion seeds.

Then let that dry

While it is drying I can paint some dandelion leaves.

And a couple of bees.

Now to go in with the indigo, be fast and loose and spontaneous, let the paint move around but get darkest around the white seeds, so that they stand out.

Then add some cling film or food wrap as I think it's called in the states. leave the whole thing to dry.


So when it is completely dry, overnight is best. Remove the cling film


Make sure everything is as you like, maybe touch up some areas if you like and then rub off the masking fluid 


And voila another dandelion clock to populate the lawn !

I do hope you are all doing ok, sending healing thoughts and lots of love to anyone who might need them today x



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What a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing your techniques. I myust have a go at the clungfilm. Paper clip love it!
My hubby suffers horribly with dental pain, he’s been phobic of dentists for many years. Luckily we’ve recently found a kind one. I hope you feel better soon. Does drinking chamomile tea help? x


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