Delicious Watercolour Patterns

Delicious Watercolour Patterns

I just love watercolour and the delicious patterns it can make. People talk about happy accidents ( I probably have) but the more you use a medium like watercolour the more you understand it. I have got so used to the paint I use, the brushes I like and the paper I  buy that I can now predict some of what will happen !

1. The way 2 colours react next to each other

So with the body on the bee I like to let the colours creep into one for maximum fluffiness . Both paints have to be wet but not too wet and when they meet they create little rivers next to each other, when it works it makes me very happy.


Oh my goodness do I love a splatter, I thought they were easy until I tried to show other people, you have to hold the brush firmly , pull back the bristles and go for it. I think I use them in every painting I do .Have some damp kitchen roll nearby to wipe off any stray spots, also use some scrap paper to mask off ares you don't want the splats like the sky in a sea painting, and practice, hopefully you will enjoy splatters as much as me.

3. Watermarks



No-one likes a boring flat wash do they? I love to drop clean water into a dark wash like indigo and watch the magic happen , it can be so beautiful and random. I love randomness it adds to the piece, takes some control away .It can make such beautiful patterns.

4. Spray Bottle


Sometimes as with this seascape I simply spray directly on to the paper and rub gently with a damp paper towel. 

5. Cobalt blue and Cadmium red mixed to make a purple added to wet paper to make my shadows, fur etc.



6. Finally I do sometimes use salt or cling film to add texture and interest to the background. When you have concentrated on the main event then you can let your playful side come out in the background,  or the fur and feathers, experiment and see what happens. 

Have fun !


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