'Do you want to paint a snowman?'

'Do you want to paint a snowman?'

Boy it's got cold recently and I know lots of people in the north and Scotland are suffering , some without electricity.

I am lucky enough to be sitting in my studio, heating on , and staring out of the window.

I am trying to make the most of days that are clear and bright.


and getting together with good friends for our annual wreath making session. 

So the year turns and whatever is going on in your world, I hope you can find time to enjoy things. 

Perhaps it's time to paint a snowman


This piece comes entirely out of my imagination, so jump into my imaginary world and have a go.

First I draw my snow man. Just three balls, a larger one at the bottom then a medium one, then a smaller one for the head. A top hat , with a bit of holly and two twiggy arms.

First I mask out some snow on the arms and on his hat. Using masking fluid and a paperclip.

Once that is dry I add shading to my snowman with a mixture of cad. red and cobalt blue. All very wet in wet. 

Next I painted his hat using cerulean blue as a highlight, and paynes grey for the dark colour. I also added some holly. Well it is nearly christmas.

When all that is dry I painted the finer details. The coal buttons and his eyes and carrot nose. Oh yes and his lovely red scarf.

Be as bright and Christmassy as you feel . I also added a shadow using my cadmium red and cobalt blue mixture.

Then I let that dry , and got all frosty with indigo and salt in the background, you can see now where the masking fluid is on his twiggy arms. Paint indigo into the background and while it is still wet sprinkle table salt from a height onto the paper then leave it ....and let the magic happen .

Finally when it was all dry, I rubbed off the salt, added some arms with burnt umber , let that dry and rubbed off the masking fluid. Oh and a sprinkling of some white acrylic snow .... 


A lot of fun, and quite magical for this time of year.


Colours used. Indigo , cadmium red , cobalt blue, cadmium orange, cadmium yellow, burnt umber , cerulean blue, paynes grey. white acrylic , hookers green 



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This is lovely…will definitely have a go. Thank you for sharing!

Meghan McArthur

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