Fitting it all in.....

Fitting it all in.....

 People ask me ..."Do you paint every day?" , or "wow you are so prolific!". I smile and try to answer as best I can, there are no rule books for being an artist or at least  I don't think there are. 

I have always wanted to paint, and although I couldn't get much right in the beginning I loved the process of painting. I have painted and painted and painted. There is no substitute for practice, I have also listened to others and read books. I have been to some evening classes and watched how others achieved what I admired. But then I have come home wet the brushes and had a go, and that is what I do now.

I paint for around seven hours a day, I treat it as a serious career, I still very much enjoy what I do, but I want to get better. I think the time I have now gives me that opportunity.Some work still ends up on the fire, some is much more successful than others and some days I have to start something ( anything) just to get myself in the groove.

But most days I have a wealth of ideas swimming around my brain, some evenings I paint well into the night, and I get a real buzz from achieving in the evening ,what I had set out to do earlier that morning . So yes I do produce a lot of work  , I get things wrong and I get frustrated but along the way I produce some work that truly makes my heart sing

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