Fresh as a daisy

Fresh as a daisy


So after complaining about our British weather, it has certainly come up trumps this week. The sun hasn’t stopped shining and the bees are buzzing, we all need something to cheer about and, this sunshine certainly helps. I am surrounded by lovely green fields and beautiful Devon countryside, a walk or 2 a day blows the cobwebs away, and I see inspiration everywhere.

My cottage garden has erupted into life, it won't win any awards for neatness, but today it is brimming with flowers and grasses, all doing their thing...


I love daisies, they are such sunny , cheerful, uncomplicated blooms. We let dog daisies seed themselves around all over the garden, 

 But today I thought I would concentrate on just one.


First draw your daisy

Then as it is so hot I need to spray my paints to get them going

Now I wet the centre of the daisy with water

I add lemon yellow, with a touch of green at the centre

Now to add some light and dark, and texture, with deeper Indian yellow, and red brown, making the centre sing.

Everything is drying so quickly today, so lines can appear where I don't want them, so just wet your brush and rub them away gently.

Now I can start on the petals , using cerulean blue to start to add ridges and shadows

Go all around the flower.

Next I use my shadow colour of cad red and cobalt blue 

to add darker shadows.

Now the stem

I start with lemon yellow, and add darker greens.

Finally to make the flower pop, I add a background of greens to indicate grasses


I love this cheerful little flower, I hope you can find some inspiration in the garden too x




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Really loved daisys and you painting and tutorial is really valuable thank you.
I have painted this twice now :)


I Love so much!!!!! Beautifull! Thanks!!!

Iara Silvia Pontes Furtado

Super! Thanks to! Now I know how to paint chamomile in watercolor.
How nice that I got on your blog!


Lovely. Thank you so much for taking us through your method of painting this simple and gorgeous daisy. You’ve inspired me to give it a go. I’m sure it won’t turn out anywhere near as beautiful as yours but I shall enjoy trying! You are so lovely and I enjoy all of your blogs (and paintings too of course!)


I follow your Instagram posts and love the way you depict wildlife using watercolor. This daisy is simple but stunning.

Kshitij Nanavaty

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