From an old painting to a new one.

From an old painting to a new one.

December the 1st, and we can dust off our advent calendars and begin to really think about christmas

Every year some friends and I gather to make wreaths

Mine is now proudly hung on my kitchen window 

It really does mark the start of Christmas for me, and as there were some mince pies left over , look what appeared with my cupps


More walks needed to walk everything off, and luckily the rain has stopped ( for now) and the views from the lanes look lovely again



My cousin's son is a professional footballer, and I remember asking him about football boots for my son ( as they were so expensive) , and we jealously listened as he told us the top brands sent him boots for free. 

Well I feel very lucky too. I am also (now ) sent some free things to try out. Not too many and I don't promote lots of stuff , but recently sent me a lovely little set of Pearlescent Watercolours, Golden Set 

They include sparkly colours like Satin Bronze and Pure Gold

So I decided they might be useful for this Christmassy piece

I painted these baubles with a young chap a few years ago now. So I pulled out my old painting and set to work.

I got out my new paints and felt very happy, nothing makes me happier than a new set of paints.

I began on the yellow bauble to make the most of the golden paints.

I wet the bauble first, then added some canary yellow.

Then I dropped in some pure gold.

Then I wanted to go darker so I used my normal paints to add some raw sienna.


Can you see the bauble suddenly looks 3 dimensional.

I followed this process with the other baubles. I added some royal gold to this green one, but mainly used my normal watercolours.

Now onto the deep blue one, adding some purple into the mix.

Finally onto the festive reds.I could use my sparkly colours here too.

Finally I have added the hanging bits to the baubles.

Plus a festive golden string.

Next I wanted to add to the background with bluey greens.

And a final sprinkle of golden paint.


A new Christmas piece from an older one...recycling my watercolours !




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Beautiful! I absolutely adore this blog!!

Ann Bortnyik

Splendid revival….I’ll try that myself


Thank you for this Christmassy blog! I absolutely adore how the piece turned out. The addition of golden string and sprinkles gave it a more festive feel, and the background is simply stunning!


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