Painting a robin...for Christmas maybe?

Painting a robin...for Christmas maybe?

I didn't manage a blog last week, busy with a visit from mum, taking in the lovely Devon coast line and enjoying the autumn sunshine.

I think we are all making the most of things, after the past year or 2, and we couldn't resist a trip to North Cornwall at the weekend , doinging one of our favourite walks.

Then this morning sitting in my garden, taking longer than I should over a nice cuppa, I think we all need to grab these moments of joy when we can.

But there is much to do, here in my little corner of Mid Devon. I like to get ready for Christmas, and I know it is early but I thought as part of my bird series, some of you might also want to have a go a painting your own little robin, it would make an ideal Christmas card , for someone special.

If you can't manage your own I do have several available to purchase on my website at the moment, and so you can enjoy that extra cup of coffee in the sunshine.....

Those who do want to try goes....

First I sketch out the little chap.

Then I paint the eyes and the beak.

I use my very smallest brushes to get the fine details. I always leave a tiny dot of white ( the paper) to bring the little robin to life.

I also spend time painting the little feet.

Now be brave. I wet the whole robin and beginning with the lightest colours first I paint the under belly. in cerulean blue and a shadow colour of cad red and cobalt blue. Then the red breast , which is really a deep orange colour, beginning with yellow ochre , then dropping in cadmium orange and a reddy brown colour and finally adding burnt umber for the browns on the feathers .If you can do this in one fell swoop, but not too wet so the colours don't all merge together....believe me it takes practise. But once you've mastered it you can use this for lots of things.

Finally the finishing touches. Add some details to the feathers with a darker brown or a shadow colour of cad red and cobalt blue. Add some darks to the red breast too, and I like to add some little splatters too

And here he is all ready for Christmas x


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He is marvelous!

Here in Canada, we have the North American robin which looks slightly different than your lovely British robin.

Thank you for sharing your talent!


You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your gift.


I’ve now found an old blog post of yours where you answer my questions. Thanks.

Joe Griffin

Sorry, not sure why multiple copies of my post are appearing!

Joe Griffin

I’ve been reading your blog entries and enjoying them greatly. I’ve two questions about your watercolour painting that I’m hoping you can answer. What type of paper do you mostly use, hot press, cold press, weight? And what brushes do you use, sable, synthetic, sizes and which do you find best for splatter? (Ok, three questions then!) Thanks

Joe Griffin

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