Going back to my roots

Going back to my roots

It may come as a surprise to some of you that I have only really been painting wildlife for the past 4 years, before that I concentrated mainly on landscapes with the odd seascape thrown in. Then one day at a card sale a lady asked if I had ever painted a hare....the rest as they say is history.

Today was one of those strange days when I couldn't settle on a subject as I walked up the lane I my mind was drawn to the Devon landscape, I haven't painted a lane for some time but once the thought was in my head that was all I wanted to do today .I remembered driving from my home to Tiverton a couple of years ago and spotting this view at Cadbury as I drove past, I parked my car and took some photos....

I settled down and drew a quick sketch, I also flicked on some masking fluid to represent the light through the trees, and some cow parsley on the verge.

Firstly I painted sunny warm Spring sky

Then I concentrate on the background, the distant hills and fields. I don't want to paint every tree and bush just give an impression of them

Now I can move to the high hedges and vegetation, the tree tops and all the different greens and yellows. I want to give the illusion of clumps of grass and lots of lush greenery. Greens can be tricky, I tend to mix my own and add a touch of red to knock them back a bit. As usually happens when I photograph my work I get lost in my work and forget to photograph the stages. But I like to work wet in wet and add darks and lights as I go. I splatter clean water in and splatter paint to. I want texture, randomness without being too contrived.

As you can see at this point it looks flat , it needs more, the shadow needs to  go in it almost drips across the road like treacle. I use cadmium red and cobalt blue to create the shadow colour and boldly (in one go) paint it in across the road. Then lots more mark making . I need something in the bottom left corner too to balance up the picture. I am continually making decisions as I paint. If something looks good even if not intentional I leave it ,I stand back a lot and try to see what I need to do....then let the piece dry and finally remove the masking fluid


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    Sir I am a big fan of your art.your style of working is simple but amazing.i follow your instructions and everything which you write here.
    I trying to paint with help of your way,i know that more and more practice is a key of success but when I saw your work which guide us (all viewer) step by step then seems a way to efforts.
    Thank you for your guidance.

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