I can't lie, I really haven't had a lot of time this week to think about blogs, busy days with my eldest home from university and my daughter working on her own art projects.

Then my big exciting trip to London yesterday , a real treat to see so many watercolours in one place , and mine among them.


Who knew Jon Snow was a a keen watercolourist, ( for those of you not in the UK he used to read the news on Channel 4 ).

So instead I shall rehash an old blog, and hope some of you find some time over the Easter break to give it a go.


I think Spring is my favourite time of year. However her in Mid Devon I think the sky thinks it's Christmas, it's cold, yesterday we had snow

This morning I could see snow on the Dartmoor hills

Just now  the wind is howling and the thunder is making it hard to think.


We are preparing for visitors over Easter, but if you have time and want to get your paints out ,here is a lovely little piece to have a go at, a chick just out of the egg


First sketch the chick and the egg shell

Then I do the details, which on this piece are few, just the eye,

and the beak

They the joy of the piece the yellows, to see them dripping off the brush is just pure joy

I use the white of the paper as the highlight then add lemon yellows, cadmium yellows and Indian yellows


Now get darker , with reds and orangy browns, look for the shadows 

Finally the legs and the darker shadows with a mix of cadmium red and cobalt blue

I also started on the shell, with burnt sienna on the outside and cerulean blue on the inside


Now the bits that make it pop, add darker shadows to the shell , inside and out, and I like to add some splatters around the chick to add to it's furriness 

Have a go, it's fun, it's quick and it works !!


Happy Easter x

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