Have car will paint !

Have car will paint !

Things are changing at watercoloursbyrachel HQ, well not really but things feel like they are on the move. We have put our lovely house on the market,

and are looking for something in Crediton , so we can have my mum come live with us and make the most of living nearer amenities.

I shall really miss my studio but we'll find something equivalent , and embrace new adventures, as my friend said nothing ever stays the same, and it could take a while, so in the meantime I shall make the most of here.

So on Tuesday I found myself camped out in my car, while a viewing took place, me being me I couldn't twiddle my thumbs all morning, and believe me I spend enough time drinking coffee with my lovely friends so I took my art to my car !!

I drew out my owl,


then while I had time I painted the eye in my studio, the most detailed bit.

Adding more detail

Then I could just take out paynes grey some brushes and some water


I like the contrast between the monochrome and the bright orange eye


These pieces are painted a lot of wet in wet. The difficulty is controlling the amount of pint and water, and of course in my case , fitting things around my little car.

We also had a puncture in our other car and my car needs new brake pads , so lots of juggling cars and waiting around, goodness knows what passers by made of my watercolour attempts and car gymnastics!

Then after a couple of hours I got back to my studio

I could finish off the magnificent ears of this eagle owl

And splatter some white acrylic  around, 

Expect more car watercolours as we negotiate the next few months !

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