How do I decide what to paint ?

How do I decide what to paint ?

I have had a busy week this week, mum has beeb staying with us and we have been visiting the sights of Devon, dodging the showers

A visit to Lympstone Manor was a real treat 

So no time to write too much or go through a painting step by step, instead trips to Budleigh or out for coffee card spotting


 So some weeks I need to take a break, I don't think you should try to force things, go with the flow and paint the things that grab you x


I have been thinking recently about what I paint and why. I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to paint is to go with my mood. 

Some days I like to paint very messily throwing paint around, trying to capture movement or feathers.

Some days I go for my walks and I want to capture that Mid Devon feeling. The high hedges and abundant vegetation. I love to get lost in the greens and the shadows. the billowing cow parsley and abundant wildflowers.

Other days I want to be more precise spending all day painting a bluebell, or the eye of an owl, and I think when I am true to my mood the paintings benefit.


There are days when I try to force something and there is a tightness about the work,


and so as I grow as a painter I realise I am best doing what inspires me that day.


So whether it is the summer, or as I walk along in the Spring sunshine the cow parsley beginning, and the  promise of foxgloves. Perhaps bees  buzzing or the sound of the sea draws me to it. I need to paint my mood.

I have reference photos that I snap , and I use a lot. I look back through other paintings and sometimes I just wait till the inspiration strikes.


Don't be too hard on yourself if you are a painter, do what feels right for the day or the time you have, I don't think any time spent painting,or thinking about painting  is ever wasted. And we all need a break now and then x

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