How to paint a bumble bee in 8 easy steps

How to paint a bumble bee in 8 easy steps

Step 1

Draw your bumble bee

Step 2

Study the bee as closely as possible. I start with the eye. I use cerulean blue.

Step 3 

Next I start on the furry bits. I let the black blend into the yellow. I use Indian Yellow. I add some darker edges and some highlights.

Step 4

And so I continue down his little furry body. Studying the bee and noting some lights and darks . I also smudge out the black and yellow to make him look extra furry.

Step 5

I add some water to the back end of the bee and let it blend. I paint the legs.

Step 6


Now I paint the flower

Step 7 

Just the finishing touches. I paint in the wings and add some gold flecks for pollen.

Step 8

Just rub out the pencil lines and your bee is done x

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beautiful rendition and explanation.Thank you .


Thank you for doing this ..I’m new to painting but I paint on cake , with cocoa butter and and food dusts , do you mind if I use this lovely image for a cake ? It so pretty and perfect for a small cake .
Many thanks for the tutorial .

Fran Turner

Hi Emma I use bockingford paper.I find it very forgiving.Not everything washes out depends on the colour as sometimes they stain the paper.Just try to be gentle.

Rachel Toll

Hi, what paper do you use for all your beautiful paintings? I read on your blog post when you talked about being able to wash out the stag you weren’t happy with and thought wow doesnt that ruin the paper? Love your work. Thanks


This looks amazing, Rachel I’m going to be having a go at that although I’m sure it won’t actually look like a bee once I have finished!! ?X


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