How to paint a ladybird

How to paint a ladybird

The more you look , the more you see. There are lots more colours in things than I ever realised . I think by painting everyday it intensifies my sense of sight. In this ladybird I have used cerulean blue, paynes grey, yellow ochre, cadmium orange, cadmium red light and dark, cobalt blue and purple.

This ladybird  was a real treat at the end of my painting day , 

1. I found a ladybird photo from pixabay and drew it out.



2.Then I start with the legs . I want as much light in the painting as I can . I want the beetle to shine



3. The theory of my painting is to copy what I see , making sure I leave the white spaces to show the light reflected on the shell.Where the light hits the black bits then I show that as blue.



4. Finally I can add the bright colours. I use yellow under the red so that it sings, and I make sure the edges of the light are wet so that it dissolves on the shell.


Have a go and most importantly have fun x


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Nice work …


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Hallo Rachel, I’ve been so enjoying your blog and follow you avidly on Instagram (love your work, especially the bees and English wildlife) so I was amazed to see you have shown us how to paint a ladybird – something I attempted recently with much frustration and little success. Beautiful, you make it look simple!!!

Gabrielle Dixon (Gaye)

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