How to paint a robin in 8 easy steps....

How to paint a robin in 8 easy steps....

Step 1

Draw your robin.....

Step 2

Paint the eye, remember to leave some light in the eye and add some very dark darks.

Step 3 

Paint his red breast, which isn't just red but yellow , orange and browny red, blend and add the colours until you are happy.

Step 4

Add some blue then merge to the brown of the wings. 

Step 5

Keep going

blending and maybe flicking some paint as you go

Step 6

Add the legs  feet and the branch, using a purple made from cobalt blue and cadmium red.

Step 7

Add snow ( it is nearly Christmas after all).

Step 8

Add any finishing touches, I like to rub out pencil lines and step back from the work to check the colours .

Your robin is done x



  • Marilyn

    I’ve just started water painting, thanks to a dear friend who is helping me recover from the sudden loss of my husband so I can’t wait to get into this. Thank you so much for your uncomplicated steps.

  • Donna Gildner

    I’m a beginner using waterclours.
    Would you explain where/how to purchase the watercolours?

  • Violet

    Good! Tks your kind explain

  • Karen

    Thanks for the step by step. I love watercolor birds

  • Rachel Toll

    Hi Nicky I just use a normal eraser I try not to press too hard with my drawing and sometimes I can’t rub them out but usually they do

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