How to paint a splishy splashy poppy

How to paint a splishy splashy poppy

Today the weather took a downwards turn, the sunshine had gone and we had grey skies and rain, but the flowers were enjoying the water and I was happy in my studio. I thought some of you would like to see how I paint a poppy in as loose a way as I can, it's not easy and it doesn't always work, be brave and have a go.




Sketch out your poppy




I then use a spray bottle to wet the paper




Be brave, the paper really can be quite wet, I use bockingford paper 140lbs rough ,  it is a very forgiving paper




Now drop colour into the water on the paper , I have started with a yellow as I want that colour to add to the red tones, the colours will mix on the paper. 




Next I blot the paper with a piece of kitchen towel to bring out some lighter colour , the whole thing is very damp.


Then I add deeper tones of orange and red.



I continue this process, adding and taking away to form the lights and darks and the shapes of the petals, enjoy the patterns the water makes and let the paint move around, you can always respray the surface too, but don't get too bogged down in the detail..


Here you can see I have added some cobalt blue to my red to give me a dark tone, behind a very light petal.


Layers upon layers are built up, be spontaneous and quick, and see what happens, now I let it dry, the colours always dry lighter, and it can go a bit dull but don't touch it again until it is dry



You can see here the colours seem a bit faded.


Now I can add the finishing touches, some more reds and oranges and the stem too, finally a little bee, well I do love bumblebees.


Have some fun x



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Thanks, Rachel, I have been wanting to do this ever since your workshop at La Salle. 😊


thank you Rachel, sharing this with us, I like it very much, beautiful poppy!


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