Inspired by Home

Inspired by Home

I have been buzzing with new ideas since coming back from London last week, seeing paintings everywhere, but sometimes the best things are right under your nose. I have learnt from painful experience that trying to paint something when your heart isn't in it can be a painful experience , many creations are torn up in frustration or added to the compost bin. This week, however, inspiration has been very close to home. I haven't had to travel much further than my own front door

I was wandering through the garden and noticed a tiny field mouse quivering in the grass, he must have been frightened by something . I had my trusty phone with me and he sat there while I snapped away and then he scurried off into the undergrowth

I was so happy painting this little chap, just look at those eyes

Another night much to my daughter's delight, she has a special hedgehog house and a wildlife garden, we now have two resident hedgehogs..... well who can resist a hedgehog...

We seem to be having a sunny summer ( so far) and missing today out ( which has been a bit of a wash out) . I walked along my lovely mid Devon Lanes I was captivated again by the high hedges and the dark shadows a subject I have returned to time and time again

And so a happy day is spent losing myself in foliage and shadows.


And finally last week, back in my overgrown garden just sitting there in the pond was a lovely dragonfly .....

and I think you can guess what I did next, proof that you don't have to go too far to find inspiration. Happy painting x


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You’ve outdone yourself this week! All of your paintings are so beautiful and special. I always retweet everything you post because they breath taking! Hope you make some of these into cards so I can buy more. Much respect, Klf


absolutely love your work … and completely agree you don’t have to go far to find something beautiful that Mother Nature has to offer ! X


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