It's worth taking another look

It's worth taking another look

So yesterday I wrote a blog about my newest painting and today I thought I would share with you what happened this morning. Paintings evolve, and sometimes when I take a closer look in the morning I think I could , perhaps, improve on what I did. I am at heart an impatient soul, I want things done yesterday , I often say walk away from a painting or have a break or a cup of tea. I wish I were as good at taking my own advice as I am at giving it!

Here I know I am lucky too, I have my studio in the garden, I can leave paintings drying overnight and don't see them  until the morning 

This doesn't always work, , sometimes I do too much and ruin the painting, but usually for me a closer inspection of the light and dark, the tonal values ,I can tweak a bit more life into the piece


Yesterday I left Mr Fox looking like this, the paper was still damp and not entirely flat, when I looked at it this morning I wanted to get more depth into the piece, I carefully rubbed off all the pencil marks I could.

Then I re-wet areas and added darker tones and more sparky oranges , I also rubbed away some colour with a damp kitchen roll 

I added more splashes and splats, and tried to get rid of any hard edges I didn't like, stand back and really look at what is good and what needs to change



I also wanted some white acrylic splatters and some gold ink

Some people may think this is gimmicky but I like the pieces to sparkle, I like them to look contemporary and modern, not too cutesy 



Now I take my final look, I wanted to give the impression of more white fur, more depth, more watercolour really


I am always wanting my paintings to be better, and only by looking and changing practise can I hope to do that, don't be afraid of adding to something or taking something away from 

So here he is Mr Fox with a few tweaks 


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In the fox painting, is all the background that looks white watercolor, or do you leave the paper as white? Where there are large areas of white on a canvas, do you just leave it, or is it actually painted white? Lastly , what is your stiffest small brush you prefer for your detail? Thanks again. Love the Humming bird too😀

John Hughes

Rachel, when you say more sparky oranges, what colours do you mean?


He’s beautiful, the additional focus, deepening of tones and then the tiny bright details and splashes are wonderful.

jackie trinder

Love the additions!


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