Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple

 Hi all, the weather has been all over the place recently, hot summer days then cooler showery days, but the garden is abundant and the greens bursting with fresh colour.


So as the sun is shining it might be the day to paint a lovely summer flower 

Some days you don't want to start on a full scale piece, some days a small happy daisy just fits the bill

In the summer my garden is full of ox eye daisies 


I love daisies, they are such sunny , cheerful, uncomplicated blooms. We let the daisies seed themselves around all over the garden, 

 But today I thought I would concentrate on just one.


First draw your daisy

Then I need to spray my paints to get them going

Now I wet the centre of the daisy with water

I add lemon yellow, with a touch of green at the centre

Now to add some light and dark, and texture, with deeper Indian yellow, and red brown, making the centre sing.

Everything is drying so quickly today, so lines can appear where I don't want them, so just wet your brush and rub them away gently.

Now I can start on the petals , using cerulean blue to start to add ridges and shadows

Go all around the flower.

Next I use my shadow colour of cad red and cobalt blue 

to add darker shadows.

Now the stem

I start with lemon yellow, and add darker greens.

Finally to make the flower pop, I add a background of greens to indicate grasses


I love this cheerful little flower, why not give it a go !

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