Kingfisher ( trying to capture a moment )

Kingfisher ( trying to capture a moment )

So we are into May, and the seasons change a little more, more green, more flowers , more abundance.

Yesterday I walking beautiful bluebell woods near Okehampton, we had sun and beautiful views  everywhere we turned.

I think I enjoy living in a place with very different seasons , so I can savour each one and then have to wait a whole twelve months to see it again

Today I am showing you one of my favourite birds to paint, mid flight and emerging into the sky wings outstretched. ....have a go and see what happens x

First I sketch out the bird.


Then I use a small spray bottle like this, to spray the paper.



Can you see the paper around the bird is wet.


Then I simply drop colour onto the wet paper , where I want the colours to go, as though they are being left by the flight of the bird. Just yellows, oranges and blue.


Then I leave it to dry.


Now I can begin on the details, the eye and the beak.


You need a steady hand for this, I look very carefully and paint what I see. There is orange in the beak as well as cerulean blue and a spot of white in the eye.


Now I keep going , more blue for the feathers and Indian yellow and orange where needed.

Go steady and stop if you need to , you could leave it here and come back to it at another time if you wanted.

Now we are getting bolder An under painting of yellow ochre, then brighter yellows and oranges on top for his body.



Next onto the wings, let these merge into the background a bit, to give the illusion of flight, wet the edges and let some edges disappear, a few flicks and splatters of the brush also help. 

Finally I added a hint of water with some indigo and this glorious bird is done. 


It feels like a very hopeful piece, I hope we can all move forward with some hope  x

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A very beautiful painting – I find it very energetic, optimistic!

Thanks also for sharing your process in detail, I appreciate this so much.
As an amateur artist who is still learning the ropes of watercolor, I find this very helpful and inspiring.


Beautiful! I painted a kingfisher (not in quite so dynamic a pose) for my granny a few years back, and it’s still one of my favorite paintings I’ve ever done.


Thank you. A beautiful painting. Very inspiring!

Lynne Pearson

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